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Enjoy a Delicious Blend of Business and Pleasure Celebrating the Launch of the Yummy Coaching Factory With...


Hey! Jessie here!

When I first started my Cake Decorating business, so many things went through my head…

  •  You gotta have cooks in your family to cook well
  •  It’s hard to be a business owner, who’s gonna support you?
  • There are so many people who are so much better
  • You have to have all the business knowledge before you start
  • ​You have to be available and open all the time
  • ​Minorities won’t do well
  • You need loans to start a business 

For Starters...

My business journey began almost 10 years ago with $0 and God's grace and let me assure you that there’s SO much possibility and SO many opportunities in the world today! There’s a market and a customer at every level and it’s ok to be imperfect. Uncertainty and practice are part of the process!

That’s What Makes The Yummy Coaching Factory So Special:
We place an emphasis on personal development while living the sweet's blended and stirred into everything we teach.

This is Important because…
So many people have a dream they really want to pursue, but don't for the same reasons I started later in life. We are so used to how things have always been, we do what’s safe and we do what our parents, teachers and friends tell us to do. When we make that decision, we end up living a life that is less-than and we never get to have the sweet happiness we really want and truly deserve.

I hoped and prayed and worked on myself...

I worked on myself harder than I worked on my business

I leaned on my faith in God and over time, life showed me that I could have my cake and eat it too

I read hundreds of personal development books and attended dozens of personal development events...

I was patient with myself, even though it felt like everything was taking a long time, I noticed so many beautiful new things happening...more money and better relationships... Life is sweet! And I promised myself that once I figured things out, I would teach others how to live a sweet life too.

That's when I made the decision to get my Life Coach Certification, create The Yummy Coaching Factory and introduce The Yummy Coaching Experience to show others what's possible.

The Yummy Coaching Factory is a Life Coaching/Cakemaking Business Training hybrid that helps you jumpstart your dessert business, without the fear of being unable to support yourself.

Perfect for stay-at-home Moms, women who want to transition out of Corporate America and Single Parents & Families looking to supplement their income, while doing something fun!

The Yummy Coaching Experience allows you to see what’s possible in as little as 90 days

When you attend the Yummy Coaching Experience, you can:

  • Understand what it looks like to fully monetize your business (so you won't be stuck thinking that taking dessert orders is all there is)
  • ​ Learn how to find a way to make your work more fun (so you can stop agonizing about your job each day)
  • ​ Generate an income working from home - or ANYWHERE with a kitchen (perfect for people who want more time and money freedom)
  • ​ Create a lifestyle out of enhancing the memories of others (so you can live your life with purpose)
  • ​ Develop your skill as a cake decorator (without years of culinary school)
  • ​ Jumpstart your home business (without all the trial and error)
  • ​ Develop the ability to be the person you want to be in life (instead of who others expect you to be)
  • ​ Push through with your interests (instead of starting and stopping everything)
  • ​Meet amazing entrepreneurs who have used personal development to grow their businesses

Meet Your Speakers!

Jessica Roman presents Self-Love Secrets

Dr. Obom Bowen presents How To Tap Into Your Natural Creative Abilities

Andre Butler presents Here In Your Presence  

Afiya Al-Fayiz presents Yummy Money

Raul Marin presents Smile With Gratitude, Grow Like A Champion

Arthur Brown presents Therapy 

There are only 80 seats available and they're going fast! Only 20 VIP tickets and the price for the next Yummy Coaching Experience will at least double! Don't miss our incredible speakers who are here exclusively for the Yummy Coaching Factory Launch and there are exclusive bonuses for attending this particular event!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Yummy Coaching Experience? November 5, 2022 from 11am to 5pm and the VIP after-party is from 6pm to 9pm

I don't want to start a cooking business, does it still make sense for me to attend? Heck Yeah! It's part party, part personal development and a great way to kick off the holiday season with seasonal treats! So, everyone is welcome!

What if I buy a ticket, but can't make it? Your ticket can be donated to someone else to attend OR advance ticket purchases can be used towards the next Yummy Coaching Experience - which saves you money because the prices go up after this one!

I'm already a customer, should I attend this? Yes! There will be exclusive off-menu cakes presented for tasting at the Yummy Coaching Experience. In addition, you have the chance to participate in our Nailed It! cake decorating segment and have fun with your favorite Motivational Caker!

Do I need to know how to cook? No, you just need to know how to eat!

Will there be more of these in the future? Yes, absolutely! Our next Yummy Coaching Experience will be in the Spring!

Who will be there? You will meet the love of my life, friends who have helped me develop my mindset, lots of friends and family, business professionals and people you may not necessarily rub shoulders with on a regular basis.

I'm not a business person...should I still go? Yeah?! It's a cake tasting! There's gonna be food!

Can I bring a friend? YES! VIP Ticket Holders may bring a guest (5 spaces only)

I've studied cake artistry before, should I still go to this? DEFINITELY YES! This is an opportunity to continue to explore your creativity and meet other business professionals who can help you in your own business and network with other professionals in your field.

What if it's not what I expect? You might be pleasantly surprised! It's definitely worth the time and money to have a great time, learn something new AND have yummy treats on top of that.

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